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Need to Know

waterfowl in Saskatchewan, CanadaWhat you need to know about waterfowl hunting in Saskatchewan, Canada:

Border Crossing – To cross into Canada you will need the following:

  • Government Issued I.D – the following are acceptable:
    • Valid Driver’s License
    • Passport
    • Government Issued Photo ID
    • (All minors must have proof of ID)
  • Pass Port – All hunters are required to have a government issued passport. Be sure to check the expiration date on your pass port to confirm it will valid when traveling into Canada.
  • Gun Declaration – If you are brining your own shot gun into Canada, you will need to fill out a non-resident firearm declaration form. You can fill this out ahead of time but do not sign until you are in front of and instructed to do so by a custom’s officer. If you choose not to fill out a head of time, a SWO will provide you with a form at the border. There will be a fee of $25. Review or print the Gun Declaration Form form.
  • Permission Letter – If you are traveling with a minor, a notarized letter from the other parent giving permission to take the minor out of the country will be required.

Licenses & Stamps – To legally hunt waterfowl in Saskatchewan, Canada hunters need the following:

Non-Resident Game Bird License ($200 CAD)
Saskatchewan Wildlife Habitat Certificate ($20 CAD)
View Licensing

Migratory Game Bird Hunting Electronic-Permit with electronic copy of Canadian Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp ($17 CAD) (Please note that the annual stamp for the season you have booked, will be available to purchase on August 1st of that year)

Purchase Hunting Permit

*Note- People born after January 1, 1971, must hold a certificate from a recognized firearm safety/hunter education course in order to apply for and hold a Saskatchewan game or fur licence.


Bird Cleaning – All birds being taken back into the United States must have one fully feathered wing attached for evidence of sex and species. If you plan to clean your own birds please note you will need to clean them properly for transport back into the US by cleaning and leaving one wing attached. Hunters flying or driving must accompany their birds back to the US.

Ammunition – The border will allow you to bring 200 rounds of ammunition per person. Most airlines will allow 11lbs. Please verify with your airline before your trip. Your paperwork for your firearm will allow you to purchase ammunition in Canada as well.

Please Note*- there is a Cabela’s located approximately 6 minutes from the Regina, SK airport if you need to pick up any ammo, gear, etc.


Waterfowl Daily Bag Limits in Saskatchewan:

  • Ducks – 8 ducks per day, possession limit 24
  • Snow & Ross Geese – 20 per day, no possession limit
  • Dark Geese – 8 dark geese per day with no more than 5 being Speckle Bellies (White Fronted Geese), possession limit 24 and no more than 15 may be white fronted geese. (NOTE – no hunting dark geese after noon until Oct 14.)
  • Sandhill Cranes – 5 cranes, possession limit 15

Saskatchewan Waterfowl Hunting Regulations:

  • Legal shooting light begins one half-hour before sunrise and ends one half-hour after sunset.
  • It is unlawful to hunt game birds with a shotgun unless the magazine is plugged in such a way that it cannot hold more than two shells.
  • No person can possess or transport a migratory game bird unless at least one fully feathered wing remains attached to the bird.
  • No person shall transport or ship migratory birds belonging to another person into the United States.
  • If the legal limit of migratory birds you have taken accompanies you in a private vehicle, labeling is not required.