black sheep waterfowl

The Guides

chris kirby, lead waterfowl hunting guide

Chris Kirby

Owner and guide, Chris Kirby, first started guiding folks in Arkansas at the age of 18. He was the first to open his own duck guiding outfit in the panhandle of north Florida. His company Florida Duck Guides, was a charter-boat-fisherman’s way to make some extra money and get him through the winter in his off season from fishing. Not only does Chris guide for waterfowl but he guides for fish as well. He also owns Destin Offshore Charters and Destin Inshore Charters. During the Spring and Summer, he is the Captain of his offshore boat called the charter boat Backlash. Now at 36 years old, he has come out of waterfowl guiding retirement to start Black Sheep Waterfowl in Saskatchewan, Canada. With almost two decades of guiding on land and water under his belt, he is dedicated to making your bucket-list waterfowl hunts, reality.

waterfowl hunting guide, Alex Tschosik

Alex Tschosik

Top guide and comedian, Alex Tschosik, grew up chasing waterfowl in North Dakota where he was born and raised. Alex has been guiding waterfowl professionally for over a decade in seven different states. He has specifically been guiding in Canada for over 5 seasons. Not only is he a force when calling in any type of waterfowl in the blind he is a dual threat on the roads scouting and finding their feeds as well. Alex is a dear friend of ours and we are honored to have him as a part of the Black Sheep Waterfowl crew. He is dedicated to showing you a great time all while being safe and productive in the field. You will experience outdoor entertainment at its finest blind side with Uncle Al.

waterfowl hunting guide jay laub

Jay Laub

Another top guide is Jay Laub. He grew up on a farm in central Nebraska. His curiosity for waterfowl spiked when hunters would often peruse permission to access his fields that were covered in ducks and geese. After making the jump and deciding to try waterfowl hunting himself, the sport truly became his addiction and passion. His specialty resides in big honkers. He is exceptional on any type of call and will put you centerstage to bucket-list feeds. He has guided hunts in three different states and Saskatchewan. Black Sheep Waterfowl is honored to have him as a part of our crew. You are in for a treat blind side with Jay Bird.


waterfowl/duck hunting guide logan eisentrager

Logan Eisentrager

Top scout Logan Eisentrager was born and raised in Minnesota. He grew up hunting ducks and geese in the Prarie potholes in his home state. He also has quite the passion for calling and is a wizard on both a goose or duck call. He has recently started to guide hunts and will be a part time guide as well as scout. When he isn’t guiding for Black Sheep Waterfowl, he is guiding in central Kansas. He has made his dream of chasing waterfowl his full time career path. We are thankful have him on our crew. Hunting is a complete bonus with Logan in your blind.

Saskatchewan waterfowl hunting guide

Blake Gunderson

Top scout Blake Gunderson was raised on a farm in Northwest Montana. He was introduced to duck hunting by his Dad at the age of four. From the age 13 he started duck hunting. He has since become an outstanding outdoorsman. Chasing waterfowl has quickly developed into a passion/obsession and now has become his dream career. We are blessed to have Blake as apart of the crew. You are set up for success when getting to hunt alongside Blake.



Our Gun Dogs

Saskatchewan waterfowl hunting dog, maddie


Canadian waterfowl hunting dog, scout


waterfowl hunting dog, rudy


waterfowl hunting dog, lou