black sheep waterfowl

Prairie Limits, Saskatchewan Duck Hunting

Preparing for the 2024 waterfowl season in Saskatchewan, Canada our minds are drifting to thoughts of unparalleled hunting opportunities. Precisely, speaking to the duck hunting in Canada. While on a guided waterfowl hunt with us at Black Sheep Waterfowl, rarely is there ever an instance where our hunters will not have their chance at shooting a limit of ducks on the prairie. With opportunity also comes responsibility, and it is your duty as a hunter to be prepared for such opportunity or opportunities both physically and mentally. Right now in the off season, take it upon yourself to stay in shape. We recommend, once or twice a month (0r more) practice shooting to stay on top of your shot precision. Duck season in Canada will be here before you know it and you want to be able to capitalize on those prairie limits as much as possible. After all this could be your and your buddies….